Frequently Asked Questions

What is your schedule availability? 

This depends on what type of services you are seeking. Please contact Shannon for the most up to date information regarding scheduling. 

What is the cost? Do you accept insurance?

Speech With Shannon is a private-pay only therapy service, which does not bill insurance. This eliminates the limitations imposed by insurance companies and allows you to choose if your child receives speech therapy based on your concerns, in conjunction with the recommendations of a licensed speech pathologist, not based on an insurance company policy. 

Shannon will send a written cost estimate before services are rendered, for full transparency of the price of specific services. 

For a full list of services and their respective costs, please reach out at any time.

Does my child need speech therapy?

Parent intuition is often spot on, but the internet is full of misinformation. Let's schedule a phone call to go over your concerns! Shannon will give her honest opinion if your child would benefit from a further evaluation & therapy, or if it sounds like they are meeting the expected communication milestones. All concerns are valid when it comes to the health
& development of your child.

Where do you provide speech therapy sessions?

Shannon is based out of her home office in Crestwood, IL and travels within the surrounding southern Chicago suburbs to your home to conduct therapy. If you are interested in receiving therapy in your child's daycare, please ask- depending on the specific daycare, schedule, and location, this is definitely possible!

Do I need to be present for the whole session?

Nope! While family involvement is welcome and encouraged, Shannon understands that your schedule is busy! As long as you are there to let me into and out of your home, you can be present for all, some, or none of a therapy session. We can discuss education & training of specific therapy strategies on an as-needed basis. *You ARE required to be present for the duration of the initial evaluation.

Does my child need AAC?

AAC, or Augmentative and Alternative Communication, encompasses various forms of communication including written, gestural, pictures, and high-tech speech generating devices. If your child is non-speaking, minimally speaking, inconsistently speaking, or very difficult to understand, they may benefit from using AAC to support their communication abilities and decrease frustration due to not being able to communicate their many wants/needs/ideas. 

Will my insurance pay for an AAC device?

Many insurance plans cover speech generating devices, but most speech therapists are unfamiliar with navigating that process for their clients. Insurance never makes things easy, but Shannon has training and experience getting high-tech AAC devices approved by insurance. You can keep working with your current speech therapist AND have Shannon walk you through the ins and outs of insurance funded AAC!