What We Treat

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Speech With Shannon specializes in Early Language Development, Autism, Gestalt Language Processing, Speech Sound Disorders, and AAC. She strives to provide the best evidence-based support in these specific areas of your child's communication development. 

Shannon can be found on listed as an SLP educated in gestalt language processing, as well as GLP + AAC. When it comes to AAC systems, a range of services are offered! 

Free Initial Consultation

Email, call, or text Shannon to schedule a free 20 minute call to discuss your concerns, and determine if an evaluation is needed. Shannon will answer any questions you have about the evaluation & therapy process, schedule availability, and cost. This will give you the opportunity to decide if Shannon may be a good fit your for family!


Evaluation Components

*Free Consultation Screening - A 20 minute phone call to determine if a full evaluation is needed and answer your questions about the process

*Pre-Evaluation Paperwork- Information about the child's history, completed by the family prior to the in-home Evaluation appointment

*90 Minute Evaluation- The Speech Pathologist asks questions related to your child or paperwork, conducts a play-based assessment of the child's strengths, and identifies areas needing support

*Recommendations & Goal Setting- The Speech Pathologist summarizes the findings of the Evaluation, recommends a frequency of therapy sessions, and collaborates with the family to set meaningful goals

*Report Write-Up- An evaluation report will be written and provided to the family summarizing the background information, assessment findings, and goals to be targeted in therapy


Treatment Areas

*Early Language / Late Talkers- Children who are not meeting age expected communication milestones. Difficulty understanding age appropriate concepts (receptive language) or expressing age appropriate concepts (expressive language)

*Gestalt Language Processing- Identifying a child's primary stage, educating family, and supporting the child to move through the stages of Natural Language Acquisition (certified via @MeaningfulSpeech)

*Speech Sound Disorders- When speech intelligibility is impaired by specific sound errors (Articulation) and/or patterns of sound errors (Phonology) 

*Childhood Apraxia of Speech- A motor speech disorder impacting speech pronunciation and intelligibility 

*AAC Devices (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)- Therapy utilizing a child's current AAC system, or recommending AAC to supplement & expand a child's current means of communication

AAC Device Services

All About AAC

*AAC Evaluation- If your child is not talking, inconsistently talking, or very difficult to understand, they may benefit from a personalized and portable AAC system to supplement their communication. An Evaluation will match your child to an AAC system & software, and walk you through the insurance funding process. 

*AAC Therapy and Caregiver Training- Weekly therapy sessions with your child utilizing their AAC device to support communication development. Training family members to continue supporting AAC outside of therapy

*AAC device customization and programming- Book an appointment as-needed for Shannon to set up your new AAC system, or customize settings/vocabulary on your current system to best support your child's learning style! Also available for professionals seeking support

*AAC + GLP (Gestalt Language Processing)- Certified via @MeaningfulSpeech to support the unique needs of a Gestalt Language Processor and their high-tech AAC system 

*AAC Conferences for families or professionals - Book a Conference to learn more about AAC, including general information about AAC, tips and resources for AAC implementation, navigating paths to get an AAC device, etc.

Parent & Professional Conferences

If you are a parent seeking additional support in one of the following areas, consider scheduling a 1:1 video conference to get your questions answered. Shannon will provide education and strategy suggestions pertaining to your area of concern. This is NOT an evaluation, therapy, or direct contact with your child. This is a parent/speech pathologist conversation only. This is a GREAT option for parents who are seeking the input of a specialist, without disrupting your child's school or therapy schedule! Schedule 1 conference, or a few conferences, to get your questions answered in the following areas:

*Late Talkers

*Gestalt Language Processing

*AAC at home 

If you are a professional (SLP, related therapist, educator, or other) seeking support for a client, consider scheduling a 1-time or recurrent Peer Mentorship Conference. This will involve 1:1 discussion, problem solving, education, and support for the following clients. This is NOT an evaluation, therapy, or direct contact with your client. This is a peer/peer conversation only.

*Gestalt Language Processing

*AAC in therapy


*AAC programming & decision making

*AAC device funding- Let's get your client an AAC device together!